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Superchips Cortex Vehicle Performance Programmer
Now Includes OEMFLEX Capability

Sanford, FL – Superchips announces the innovative Cortex performance programmer (part nos. 1950, 2950, and 3950) now includes OEMFLEX capability.

Cortex is the latest innovation in a long lineup of world-class Superchips performance programmers and includes an industry first two-year limited powertrain warranty and OEMFLEX tuning. OEMFLEX tuning means if you own multiple vehicles from the same OEM and Superchips provides coverage on them; you can use the Cortex one at a time on all of them.

OEMFLEX e.g.: if you own a Mustang GT as your Monday through Friday driver and a F150 for towing your boat on the weekends. Tune the Mustang GT for enhanced performance and enjoy the extra horsepower. Saturday morning return the Mustang GT to stock and tune the F150 to benefit from the extra torque and optimal transmission settings for towing. Sunday night return the F150 to stock and re-tune the Mustang GT.

Users gain up to 119 RWHP and up to 240 Ft/Lbs torque depending on the vehicle and the calibration chosen. The Cortex has the same great features as the best selling Flashpaq and then some including programming up to three performance tuning levels to enhance power, economy, and drivability. Additional features include saving factory settings; program for performance, towing, or economy; tune transmission settings for improved drivability; read and clear diagnostic trouble codes; adjust speed and RPM limiters; and recalibrate speedometer for tire and gear swaps.

The Cortex product line recently added comprehensive 2008 MY coverage and currently consists of three part numbers covering a broad range of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. (one part number for all Superchips Ford applications (gas cars, F-Series gas and diesel trucks, and SUVs), one for all GM family applications, and one for all Chrysler/Dodge applications) All three part numbers are available for purchase in retail stores and online.

The Cortex and Flashpaq programmers are essentially never out of date with regular, free updating of the units exclusively at Superchips consistently re-engineers their calibrations to stay in-line with the new calibration files OEM manufacturers release and makes them available at no cost to their customers.

Whether you need power, performance, drivability, or improved mileage, Cortex from Superchips can provide it. Superchips offers a complete line of hand-held programmers and other performance products for most late-model domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs.

For more information contact:

Superchips, Inc.
1790 E. Airport Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773
Ph: 407-585-7000
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