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suspension install in LA/SFV

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i was just wondering where everybody who has dropped their 300's have done it. i want a shop who has installed springs on a 300 before. i also want a shop that rolls the fenders so i don't have to worry about rubbing issues. and a price. :) (i'm thinking of going with the H&R's; i already have 22's)
thanks for any info guys! :)
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Most people didn't roll the fenders and may not have an idea of a shop that does that.

I personally used Performance Plus in Long Beach for my Eibach install. They did a nice job. I don't know if they do H&R's.
apbrian112 said:
jonw- you're not rubbing with your eibach's??
No rubbing what-so-ever. If you check out the pics from the SoCal gathering a few weeks ago, there are a couple of pics of two Silver C's next to each other. Both of them have the Eibach 1.6" kit. One is my car with factory 18's on it and the other is Fatchance with 22's. Neither rub.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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