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So i use to work at a place that had quite a few rail roads that are in bad shape for the past few years (industrial port). I want to get my car worked on but really have no clue about suspension maintenance. I have researched the forum and found some great tips...Oh and i have 22" rims which already make my car ride like $&#*.

I plan on replacing the following:

Front struts (I think the rear axle has airbags stock, should i replace that?)
Shocks (Bilstein) (the rear had no shocks correct?)
Springs (DO i need to replace)
Tension strut (Can i use the SRT8 one on my 5.7?)
Inner tie rods
Sway bar end link & bushing (I was thinking about not replacing this)
Ball joints

Do you think i should replace all these parts? Its gonna be kind of hefty but if needed i dont mind!! Anything i missed
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