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Swap Motors

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hey i was wondering if i buy a v6 model......if i can swap the motor with a v8 ...will it be very difficult... i no you would need the motor all the accessories, ecu, .................if i get a front clip.... would it just be a pull and drop thing ...are the motor mounts the same?? i really need to know...... hey also dont forget t go to the media room and get the wallpaper i posted its a good one
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Yep, just buy the 300c, it'll be cheaper.
Keep grinin said:
no im from the states...texas actuallly.. i just live in italy right buying the car in the states too..i was just wondering because im gonna trade my baby...RX8 because i haave a real baby on the way...i=need a bigger car without the tunnel in the middle..anyways i ask because ive seen used v for 18000 and it just seems cheaper to me at least to pay 5-6 thousand for a fron clip to get the motor pull it mod it while its out<< if i want>> then drop it in when i want ... im no tworrried about gonna have this car for a least 7-10 years...i would do all the work myself good with this shit...i just need to know if a front clip is all that is needed cuting and drilling.. just a pull and drop is the easyest and requires the least amount of added expenses
but thanks for you input... i might just end up going that way

Dude, I don't care if you're an F1 mechanic/rocket scientist/quantum theorist/hair dresser....sell it, buy a C and save yourself money and more importantly an ass load of time.

I mean, are you really that sentimentally attached to it that it's worth all that trouble?

I've swapped a few motors in cars in my day. Trust me, in this instance it's just NOT worth it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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