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Tail-light removal - HELP!

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Sending my tails out to get tinted....I have the three wing nuts off no prob, but the light bulb seems to be connected by two plastic screws that can't be "unscrewed". I don't want to pull something too hard and have it can't be that hard, can it? Any tips to help my learning curve.

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Mine was easy!! On my car the three plastic wing nuts were all that needed to be removed...unplugged the connector and it popped right off. I did have to give it a good tug because it seemed to be stuck to the paint. I'm not sure if there was any change from the 2005 to 2006 model. Maybe someone with the same year can chime in with their experience.
I just went out and checked mine. If don't have to remove those plastic screwst he whole light will come out with wiring and bulbs. Only unplug the main plug by sliding the red tab to the side then pres the black tab on the top of the plug out pull out connector. If your tinting the lights send them the whole light, bulbs, wiring and all.


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