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Tangled with an XJR

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Got into it with a Jag XJR ( Wasn't sure what it was when we started to play. I would get him up untill 60 mph or so then he would cruise on by. We raced like three times and the same results everytime. I was surprised that he was getting me and I asked what was in that thing and he replyed "supercharged v8". The guy was really cool, he was saying he was going to get a C and ended up with the Jag. He was asking if mine was the one with the "big Hemi" in it (I have a lip spoiler/20's so I guess he thought he was playing with a SRT-8). I told him no it was the 5.7 345 horse, he was impressed. If it would have been an SRT-8 I would have sent that cat home with it's tail between it's legs :AR15firin Considering that Jag was almost $70k I would say my "cheap" 300C faired very well.
Joey Molnar
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Almost bought a '99 XJR myself. Couldnt believe a small-block V8 (4.4L) motor could perform like that - supercharger or not -- simply unbelievable. Could have had one with 16K miles for $29K - a year and a half ago. Considering it went out the door for around 70K, that was some kind of depreciation hit. That, and the reported cam shaft difficulties reported on Jaguar forums like this made me hold off - but, whoa, what a beautiful car. Probably the last of the great Jag sedans!
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