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Tangled with an XJR

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Got into it with a Jag XJR ( Wasn't sure what it was when we started to play. I would get him up untill 60 mph or so then he would cruise on by. We raced like three times and the same results everytime. I was surprised that he was getting me and I asked what was in that thing and he replyed "supercharged v8". The guy was really cool, he was saying he was going to get a C and ended up with the Jag. He was asking if mine was the one with the "big Hemi" in it (I have a lip spoiler/20's so I guess he thought he was playing with a SRT-8). I told him no it was the 5.7 345 horse, he was impressed. If it would have been an SRT-8 I would have sent that cat home with it's tail between it's legs :AR15firin Considering that Jag was almost $70k I would say my "cheap" 300C faired very well.
Joey Molnar
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14.0 @ 99
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13.7 @ 98
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360dak- Just a slight correction on your original post, fyi, the Hemi in the "C" has 340 hp, not 345.
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