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Tear in rear seat - repair suggestions?

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So I was moving a flat screen TV in my 300C and wouldn't you know it, despite being careful there was some sharp edge that caught on the rear seat (I don't know if you call it vinyl or leather - its that pseudo-leather that Chrysler calls leather that comes standard in the 300C RWD) so now I've got a dime-sized tear in the seat. Question is, can anyone recommend a product or course of action for getting it repaired? I might even be willing to buy a new seat cover if its something that's user-replaceable and doesn't require stitching or expensive tools.

Any help appreciated - thanks in advance!
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Can't really give suggestions since I have yet to see any kind of repair like this that wasn't still noticeable. I think you might have to just bite the bullet on a new cover. Perhaps ASPENDOG can give some insights as to what is involved and difficulty level for a DIY'er.
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