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TECH: Accelerator pedal re-calibration...hesitation on acceleration

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Interesting info found here...

I posted this here since some had indicated it should be a more prominent sticky type issue and seemingly belongs here anyway...
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Apps Procedure Clarified:

The above mentioned thread has lots of feedback about the issue of sluggish throttle, or hesitation at acceleration and the success shared by those that have used the procedure below. I have tried to clarify the steps in the procedure somewhat, so have included it separately in this post.
If anyone has other info to add to the procedure, please be sure to PM me and I will edit the procedure as needed...

Note: It may, or may not, be a valid point, but I did have all doors closed for this procedure, knowing how touchy computers can be..

Good Luck!!

Procedure: To overcome hesitation at acceleration for the Hemi V-8 only:

1) Turn key to ON position (not ACC), but DO NOT start engine.... now wait a few seconds for the dash lights to clear

2) slowly & steadily press accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and then slowly release at same rate.
NOTE: This step must be done ONE TIME only to ensure accelerator pedal position sensor calibration has been
learned by the ECM

3) Leave ignition switch ON for a minimum of 10 seconds. This will allow the PCM to learn the new electrical parameters

Info re: APPS - The Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS) is used only Hemi V-8 engines. The APPS assembly is located under the vehicle battery tray. A cable connects the assembly to the accelerator pedal. A plastic cover with a movable door is used to cover the assembly.
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