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Tech: Cabin air filter kit install

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Disconnect the negative battery cable (I didn't). Pry the plastic caps off the windshield wiper arms and remove the bolts with a 5/8 socket. Take off the wiper arms and set aside.

Remove the winshield cowl by pulling upwards. The plastic pins that hold it in place are tight and I had to use a crow bar to pop them loose (they don't screw out). At each end, there are 2 small plastic pins that attach the cowl to the windshield weatherstripping-remove them too. Set cowl aside.

Remove the 2 bolts on each side of the steel crossmember and carefully remove. You will have to move the bracket that holds the PCM first and separate the wiper motor too.

There is a wire harness snapped into the brace about the middle-unsnap it. Set brace aside. Lift the PCM up and move away from the cabin filter location. Remove the plastic pins holding the cabin filter compartment in place and unsnap the 2 wire harnesses. Inside the cabin filter compartment are 2 bolts (6mm) that need to be removed (Very hard to see in pic).

Remove the cabin filter compartment.


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Place new cabin filter compartment with new plume in place-it's tight and awkward. Place 6mm nuts back onto the inside of cabin filter plume. Basically, finish by reversing order of removal. Open door in cabin filter compartment and slip filter in and close the door. Snap cowl cover back into place.

This was a job that took several hours to complete. If I did another one, I could do it about an hour-now that I know how to do it firsthand. It really sucked! The kit with filter cost $22 bucks delivered by MoparSuper center. They have the manual drawings under the forum of vendors with instructions too.


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Just got through installing a cabin air filter in our 300C. You are correct, it is a bitch of a job, but patience wins out. The housing was already in but no filter holder installed. We bought the whole assembly from Wyckoff for 14.00 + s/h. Sure beats paying ~$35.00 for the filter alone. Don't understand that.

Taking everything apart as you show was difficult because of the @!#$*! plastic retainers. Those are very hard to get out without breaking them or scrtaching something. We broke the two holding the PCM (ECM?) cover on. Removed the cross strut completely and really had to wrestle the old housing out. I had my wife help because of her small hands. I don't see any way to install the filter holder without removing the complete housing and reinstalling it. We reinstalled the new one which fit perfectly. Had to loosen the wiper motor from it's bracket and move the PCM unit out of the way.

All in all, it ended up good and everything fit, but it took about four hours of being patient and holding my temper. My wife is the patient one, not me. Putting the new one in went pretty easy and remembering where everything went back was a small challenge. Finally, no parts left over - yea! :D

Thanks for your picture instructions. They helped a lot. If I had it to do over again, I don't know if it would take less time, but I don't plan to find out!

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Thanks for the step-by-step detailed instructions and photos. Have you noticed a big difference after the install; i.e., better quality of filtered air? I may consider undergoing this task as well...thanks again. :)
Just did this mod last night, first off thanks to all that did this mod before me, and who were courteous enough to post how-to's and step by steps.

This job took me 1hr 5mins or 2 1/2 beers. I broke NO clips and overall it was really straightforward. I did use the instructions from MSC, on their vendor page as well as the illustrations from this post. I have pretty bad allergies, so I've wanted to do this as soon as I got the car. I was glad to see that others had done this as well, and that the parts to do so were not unobtainably priced.

It will take a few months to let the filter get dirty enough to see whats it's stopping, I just hope it stops a whole lotta of a little pollen.

Thanks again!

kcrnmale said:
Actually, no.

I have the factory installed one and I have to agree, I cant seem to find where it helps at all.
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