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Here, for easy reference by any Mopar service writer or technician with access to the StarSCAN tool, is the Technician's Checklist. Suggest you print a copy for presentation to your service writer.

Technician's Checklist - Daytime Running Light (DRL) enabling:

1. Verify your StarSCAN unit has been updated using the latest update CD, version 6.03 or higher, and is displaying "6.03" (or higher) in the upper RH corner of the display screen.

2. Enter Vehicle Preparation menu.

3. Select DRLs.

4. Select Enable (Note: some vehicles may already show Enabled, if so select Disable, then re-Enable.)

5. Select Disable. You will hear an alert chime and see various warning lights appear on the instrument panel.

6. Select Enable.

7. Start engine. Manually select headlamps to Off with light switch*.

8. Visually confirm DRLs on (High beam lamps partially illuminated). Note: DRL will extinguish with turn signal blinking, selected side. This is normal.

*Note for forum users: The instruction to manually de-select headlights (switch not in Auto or Headlight) is included to insure that the headlights won't be on during the attempt to visually verify that the DRLs are enabled. With the headlight switch in Auto and the car inside a service bay the headlights will frequently be on. Headlights always over-ride DRLs, and would thus keep the DRLs from showing - not good if one is attempting to visually verify that DRLs were, in fact, enabled. ;)

Here's a quote from the first post in this thread:

"With engine running, the DRLs will be illuminated anytime that the car's headlights are not on regardless of the position of the light switch, whether day or night. They cannot, in fact, be commanded off via the light switch, only replaced by head lamps." (Emphasis mine.)

Additional function details are provided there, if needed.
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