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Temp readings...

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Can anyone tell me what's the normal operating temp should be at? I checked my EVIC and it reads slighty over 225 and high as 233+? This is on a 75* degree day.And no, i don't mash on the throttle nor race this car! Also, when i look at the gauge needle (when car is fully warmed up) , it actually sit's above the middle mark just a bit? :confused: Has anyone actually checked there temp reading in the EVIC mode, and/or experience the car overheating on them? :eek:
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Checked mine today.
While driving on the freeway with speeds between 70 and 115mph my temps stayed around 204 to 206.
When I got into city driving the temp seemed to hang around 210 to 220, and occasionally up to 225. When I stopped and shut off my engine, the temp was 228. The outside temp was around 70 degrees.
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