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Temp readings...

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Can anyone tell me what's the normal operating temp should be at? I checked my EVIC and it reads slighty over 225 and high as 233+? This is on a 75* degree day.And no, i don't mash on the throttle nor race this car! Also, when i look at the gauge needle (when car is fully warmed up) , it actually sit's above the middle mark just a bit? :confused: Has anyone actually checked there temp reading in the EVIC mode, and/or experience the car overheating on them? :eek:
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300cWannaB said:
Thanks Joey! Took it in today, and they did a complete flush, BUT, the temp still went that high? :confused: The car only has 525 miles on it. WTF? I asked the service man what the normal operating temp was, and he was like "It should be in the owners manual.." LOL, what an ass! So, im going to pour in some Redline waterwetter and see what that does.. I know for a fact that it will help, i used to run that stuff in my 11 sec Honda.. But well see, i keep yall posted... :)
There was a recall about the radiator and coulant temperature. You car might be affected by the recall. Before you spend money on a redline, check first with Chrysler Corp then your dealer to get this resolved.

Wish you luck!
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