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Temperature Gauge reading

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Ok I think my Temp Gauge is broken. It was a hot day today in Miami in the afternoon that my gauge was reading 101F. I know it wasn't really that hot so i didn't pay much attention to that. Now it's night time and cool, but my gauge seems stuck and still says 101F!! Will this fix itself eventually? Has this happened to anyone else? If so, please let me know how to fix it. I plan to take it to the dealer next week to get it checked out. Just wanted to post to see if anyone else had this same problem. oh i have the Touring model.
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SLOW Outside Temp on 2006?

black ice: I'm with you... I have a 2006 300C, build date 3-31-05, with CCN version 4.04 or something (it's down in the garage right now and it's late), and my outside temperature gauge is very slow to respond.

And before the flame throwers get ignited... :AR15firin

Why YES, thank you, I have searched, and Advanced Searched and read each and every existing post on this subject in the forum. :) There's NOTHING that is applicable to solving this problem on a vehicle with software versions NEWER than 3.61 which according to the forums did fix this issue.

Seems as though perhaps this problem crept back in from 3.61 to the latest version of CCN software?

When I put the EVIC in diag mode, and read the Avg Temp vs. Raw Temp, the Raw temp is accurate (of course), but the Avg doesn't seem to update.
What is very interesting is that there are two sets of digits below these lines that count UP and down depending upon whether I'm accelerating or decelerating. Sometimes they "Max out" at 80 400, and other times at 40 180. Odd. Theres also one or two letters, usually S, sometimes an S I, on the right hand side.

1) Has anyone successfully solved the "slow temp" gauge problem in a 2006 300 yet?

2) Does anyone know what those counting up/down numbers are reflecting?

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