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Temperature Gauge reading

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Ok I think my Temp Gauge is broken. It was a hot day today in Miami in the afternoon that my gauge was reading 101F. I know it wasn't really that hot so i didn't pay much attention to that. Now it's night time and cool, but my gauge seems stuck and still says 101F!! Will this fix itself eventually? Has this happened to anyone else? If so, please let me know how to fix it. I plan to take it to the dealer next week to get it checked out. Just wanted to post to see if anyone else had this same problem. oh i have the Touring model.
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MrHappy said:
I had a software update on mine (Built approx. 2/05) and it seems more accurate now than before only if I do not run the air conditioning. If I do, it shoots up 5 degrees within a couple of minutes... turn it off, slowly drops back to near accurate. Where the heck did they put the temp sensor anyway!?!?
It's up in between the bumper and a/c condenser. The one on the dash is for climate control and auto. headlights. :smoker:


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