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This is one post I wish I would never have to make, but I do. With each passing day the event gets closer and closer. Yet there are postings and talk about saying you will be there. There is one thing missing... YOU registering for the event. I'll be short and to the point.

People are registering for attending for this year's event, but these numbers just don't cut it. A line has been drawn and if the numbers don't pick up, we will have to cancel the 2007 Nationals event. April 1st, is the day we say yes there will be, or no there will not be. This is no joke, and we are serious about this. So if you want to make this event continue, it?s now in your hands. We have done our part, and we and those that have already signed up are counting on you to join us

If it dies this year, it is unlikely it will ever come back, it certainly won't come back with support from Mopar, SRT, or Kicker. Don't let it die.

Don't put off registering for the event. Please register now at Registration & Online Store

Thank you
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