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What is your launch technique? Post them here. Please add any additional details you may have. Tire pressure, HP, mods, etc.

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shanemcse said:
What is your launch technique? Post them here. Please add any additional details you may have. Tire pressure, HP, mods, etc.
1. Car = 2005 300C 5.7
2. Tire pressure = normal
3. Performance mods = TrueFlow Foam Filter, Stage II Jetchip, Borla exhaust, Thermostat 170, Silenser modified for CAI.

The technique I have come up with that I believe works the best for my car is....

Pre Launch preperation:

1. Left foot on brake
2. Right foot waiting on the gas peddle
3. Turn A/C off
5. Put the car in 1st gear
6. Turn ESP On

Time for Launch:

1. Right finger waiting on the ESP button
2. Take left foot off the brake and press down on the gas
3. Turn ESP off (a split second after you press down on the gas)
4. Let the transmission shift

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Everyones a little different. Here's is what I did on my last run and I think it will be my new routine, having done many runs now on the SRT-8.

1. Before starting your car the morning you will take it to the track, change out your thermostat to a 160'. After the races, drive car home, let it sit several hours and change back to stock Thermostat

2. Lower rear tire pressure to 26 psi

3. Raise Front tire pressure to 40-50 (which ever you are comfortable with; I run 40 psi)

4. Use the 25 cent fan mod and keep it running during your runs and after to cool the car down in between runs

5. Let car get down to roughly 140' (this is the sweet spot for the SRT-8, so the 5.7 might be different)

6. Have 1/2 or a little more tank of gas in the car. This puts weight on the rear and keeps the tires from burning out off the line

7. Turn off ESP just before going around the water box or pull Fuse #17 from the engine compartment fuse box: see diagram on the lid of the fuse box. You can pull it as soon as you get to the track, but MAKE sure to put it back before leaving!!!

8. In the staging lanes and immedietely after a run pop the hood to let the fan run and to let the engine cool off faster. Dont leave the engine running, just start the car, give it a little gas, turn it off and put it in Nuetral while coasting to keep up with the movement of the stage lanes, or simply push it. (I push my car by myself and it is slow, but not harder than pushing the mower around. Don't push the car with the door closed or you might end up rear ending the car in front of you before you can open the door and jump in and apply the brake. You would think this was common sense, but I've seen this happen soo many times over the years, I figured it was worth mentioning)

9. Go around the water box (otherwise your street tire grooves will hold water and you'll end up burning out off the line from the tires being wet as the water drips out of the grooves, instead of the tires being just sticky. Leave it in Drive: I don't shift into 1st in the SRT-8 cause it will stay there, the 5.7's will shift up at Red line so this might work for you. Left foot on the brake right on the gas. Floor it to the burn out. Mine last about 5 seconds. Don't let the car start to roll or the computer will kick in and start to shut the engine down. When the brake is applied fully donw, the car is in non-managed torque mode anyway, with or without ESP off, but as soon as it starts to move, the torque management kicks right back in and screws up your burnout.

10. Pull up to the line until the top smaller yellow bulb lights up, then feather the brake until the bottom smaller bulb lights up just barely. This is called a "Shallow Stage". It will give a very small, but potentially important advantage on your 60' times.

11. The LX's have a lag at the line from the moment you drop the pedal to the floor. It is exactly the time it takes to go from the 2nd larger yellow light (NOT the two smaller staging lights at the top of the tree) down the tree, past the 3rd yellow light into the green. So as soon as the 2nd larger yellow lights up, just quickly blink your eyes (yes, actually do this) and then floor it.

12. Have fun!!! Swinger around and do another. With the 160' thermostat, and the 25 cent fan mod, you should be able to cool off in about 15-25 minutes in between runs.

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Classy300C said:
Interesting...Does the ESP function differently by doing this? I'm interested in the best launch procedure. My car reacts differently alot of time, its hard to get a consitant launch
The reason I turn ESP On after hitting the gas is to reduce tire spin. If I leave ESP off I will burn rubber and not get a very good launch. When I leave ESP On then hit the gas and turn it off a split second later I get a little tire spin and a very good launch. Since ESP is on when I step on the gas it won't peel out at the initial launch but since I am quickly turning it off I don't get any of the hesitations associated with ESP.

I have no real data to confirm how good this works but when I look in my rearview mirror after I use this technique I have been very happy with the results.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Best Launch

For me the best launch is simple:

1. Start with the engine stone cold, 1/4 - 1/2 tank of 91 octane.

2. Turn ESP off completely (hold for 7 seconds).

3. 5 Second burnout to warm up the rear tires (26 psi)

4. Stage car fully.

5. As son as the green light illuminates, put the car in neutral, get out the fixin's and make a sandwich. I like turkey, swiss & mayo on rye.

6. Take one bite of sandwich (no more, no less)

7. Squeeze on the power, (Do NOT try and power brake the 300c SRT-8 it just falters off the line)

8. Wave at the nice man in the other car as you blow past him at about the 1/8 mile mark.

9. (optional) Slow down just enough to give the other guy some hope, then squeeze on the power again to crush his psyche.

10. Rinse, Lather & Repeat.

I hope this helps you. See ya at the track. Don't forget the sandwich fixin's.

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