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The Best Launch Technique

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What is your launch technique? Post them here. Please add any additional details you may have. Tire pressure, HP, mods, etc.
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Best Launch

For me the best launch is simple:

1. Start with the engine stone cold, 1/4 - 1/2 tank of 91 octane.

2. Turn ESP off completely (hold for 7 seconds).

3. 5 Second burnout to warm up the rear tires (26 psi)

4. Stage car fully.

5. As son as the green light illuminates, put the car in neutral, get out the fixin's and make a sandwich. I like turkey, swiss & mayo on rye.

6. Take one bite of sandwich (no more, no less)

7. Squeeze on the power, (Do NOT try and power brake the 300c SRT-8 it just falters off the line)

8. Wave at the nice man in the other car as you blow past him at about the 1/8 mile mark.

9. (optional) Slow down just enough to give the other guy some hope, then squeeze on the power again to crush his psyche.

10. Rinse, Lather & Repeat.

I hope this helps you. See ya at the track. Don't forget the sandwich fixin's.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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