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pretty scary

ahhh... e-bay. for those with more time and money than sense.

scary crap it is, and lucky you for noticing it.

best wait for superchips or some other well known name brand tuners to release one. the experts have already said we have some of the most sophisticated code used, so I am very skeptical.

Who wants to buy one, try it out and report back?

06 CSRT8
all stock all original
everything but DVD
waiting for software

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That thing is just a resistor inside a little fancy black plastic box.

Putting a resistor inline with your Intake Air Temperature sensor will fool your
computer into thinking its colder outside than it really is, and it will add more
fuel for what it thinks is the more dense, colder outside air.

You can go to Radio Shack and get a 35 cent resistor and do the same thing.

But be aware, that you are adding more fuel without really actually adding
in any more air, which makes your car run really rich.


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I'll sell you a fully adjustable one, with a dial that will indicate how much more fuel you're adding, in 1% increments from 1%-10%, including all directions, for $19.95.

Is the ebay unit crap? You knew before you asked, didn't you?

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yes i knew just wanted to share the crap n spread it around
:AR15firin crap
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