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This is absoutely ridiculous!

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For over nine weeks my 300C, ordered April12 (confirmed by numberous calls to Chrysler) has been BG status - sunroof problem I was told.

Talked to my dealer today and he said something about Chrysler had just rolled over all current 2004 orders to 2005 (I am paraphrasing since I really don't know what he meant.) Anyways, he looks at my order and says it is BX status.

I called Chrysler to find out what BX status meant (still don't know) but she says "Oh, did you just order the car?" I say, "No, why?" The date on the order is now June 8. How in the world did it change from April 12 to June 8? Did I just lose all of that time I've been waiting? Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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BX means "passed edit available for schedule". You are about 3 rungs from D-1 which is scheduled to be built.
Maybe I panicked for no reason. It was the change in order date that really threw me. I talked to another Chrysler dealer who told me that the change in date had something to do with a change in their software and was not a cause for alarm.

So, I guess BX then is a good thing? Does it mean that the sunroof is no longer a problem (like when I was in BG)?
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