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Well, I'm driving home some time ago and I noticed a sliver of sunshine from my sunroof shade so I promptly closed it the rest of the way and didn't give it a second thought.

About a week later, there it is again. Hmmmm....I didn't use the sunroof. What could it be? Perhaps someone is slipping in the car and opening it a bit just to mess with me. Those darn gremlins.... What else could be causing this mystery slippage?

The week after that and sometimes twice a week since then, I still find myself having to close the shade.

Then it hit me. Newton's First Law of Motion!! An object at rest remains at rest until acted upon by an external force!

It would seem that my extreme delight with this car and my "spirited acelerations" seems to have the effect of opening my shade a tad each time I launch! The mystery of the slipping sunshade is solved!!
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