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The other day I turned off my 2008 300 Touring 3.5L to grab something and when I got back I tried turning it back on and it wouldn't even attempt to turn over. No sound at all, just an error that looks like a red lightning bolt and check engine light. I have power and the lights on the instrument panel light up. The car was just running 2 minutes earlier.

I called Chrysler and I also spoke with a independent mechanic and they both told me it was probably something to do with the Throttle Body. I cleaned the TB and nothing changed. I then replaced it with another TB and no change.

I ended up finding out about TB calibration and followed the following steps:

1. Turn key to on and wait for lights on dash to go away.

2. Press the accelerator down and hold for 6 seconds.(while I was doing this step the TB error dissapeared and the Check Engine light slowly flashed for about 6 seconds)

3. I then let off the accelerator slowly and turned the key to off.

When I tried to start the car there was no sound from the engine and all I saw was the TB error light again and the check engine light like before.

I would really appreciate any advice I can get. I dont have a lot of money so I am trying to avoid going to the dealership now that my warranty is gone.

Thank you
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