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Would you like a forum similar to that described??

Time Slip/Dyno Results forum...

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((I would have posted this in site polls but could not access the forum.))

I shot an e-mail to ekool and hemeee this a.m. --->>

"not sure if this would be of value to anyone or how much effort it would take, but how about a new forum category (to make it easy to find for everyone) which would have:

1. timeslips/track results
2. dyno results

Perhaps in a similar fashion as...

where I still hang out from time to time.

It would be nice to have this in one place so people can take a quick look at other car's times as well as times people get with particular mod mixes."

Ekool replied that I should start a poll to see what the concensus is...


here we go...
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nick_danger said:
So long as it's structured and well-moderated (not that the rest of the site isn't), it could be an excellent site tool.
I particularly like a forum or thread with very defined titles like shown here...

that way a very quick read down the list gets you where you want to be.
Come on people....

89 views and this few votes??

At least express a choice.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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