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Wanted to start a possible sticky section and get a list going on all the quirk finds and need to knows for people starting to drive our cars.

I know theres one similar on LXF:
Tips and tricks for our LX's - LX Forums | Dodge Charger Challenger Magnum | SRT8 | Chrysler 300 Forum

Mainly starting this because a friend wants to borrow my car for the weekend so just wondering what else i should inform him about.

So lets start our own list off:

How to use the "AutoStick Trip"
Push left and will change to gear,
push left again to downshift | push right to upshift
push|hold left will put back to Auto

WOT Shift points for 5.7 w/predator
1st gear: 5700rpm|1-40mph
2nd gear: 6000rpm40-90mph
3rd gear: 6000rpm|90-120mph
4th gear: 6000rpm|120-140(fastest i've gone>>>)
5th gear: 6000rpm| (??)

shut off when highbeam is turned on (nob flick forward)
stay on when highbeam is held on (pulled backwards)

Rear passenger seat has a storage pouch on the back of it and not on driver side
Rear passenger carpets are labeled because they're different sizes

Turn off ESP when racing

Cig. lighter
(dash) shuts off when car is off
(armrest/storage bin) stays on when car is off

normal "unlock setting"
Press unlock once = unlock driver door only
press unlock twice = unlock all the doors

Change seat settings:
adjust seat, press "s" button then number 1 or 2 desired.
(Yes the autoseat moving back when you take out the key to get out is normal)

Navigation- Fast Address Find: put in the phone number if you have it, instead of the address

EasterEgg/Secret menu
Nav REC-: put on AM then press FM, Nav/CD, 2 + 6 + Enter
Steering wheel: hold down the Music Note and Compass together

Reset Compass:
Hold done compass

Resetting ECU w
while driving: 35mph+... (take foot off gas pedal!) put car in neutral, turn key to start hold for a couple seconds

Resetting PCM/TCM/ECM
pull fuse 11 out for 30 seconds : (different yrs/models have different fuse)

Throttle calibration
1) Insert ignition key and turn to "ON" (not start).
2) Wait for all idiot lights to go out. Check Engine Light may remain on.
3) Slowly depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor.
4) Slowly release the accelerator pedal until it's all the way back up.
5) Turn the ignition key to "OFF".
6) Start the engine.

Gas Cap:
there is a little clip to rest the gas cap wire on so that it doesnt rest against the car.

Emergency Exiting
Front driver and passenger doors can open from inside when car is locked : rear doors dont

Auto Front Windows:
press once for auto up down

Single-wipe: press in really quick
Tripple-wipe: press as normal
Auto/Rain-Sensitive: first two clicks

Cruise Control only works 35mph+

Remember emergency trunk latch glows in the dark :pat:

Battery is in the trunk but jumper terminals are in the front!

if Horn dies from being held for too long...shut car off, turn it on and lay on the horn again!

center console
arm rest adjusts forwards and backwards Just give it a nudge

Tap directional to auto blink 3 times

*rumored?* Fast Heated Seats
start the car, turn on the heated seat, shut off car, start car again and turn on heated seat

Now lets add to the list!

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How to Display OBD-II Trouble Codes On Instrument Cluster (Works with or without EVIC).

1. Get in the car, close the door.
Perform steps 2-6 fairly quickly (less than 3 sec's total time).
(The key should not return to the OFF position through this next sequence!)

2. Turn key to 'ON' position
3. then back to 'ACC'
4. then to 'ON'
5. then back to 'ACC'
6. then to 'ON'

If there are any stored codes, they will appear immediately, in place of the odometer. Once the codes have been displayed, you'll see "-----". If there are no trouble codes, the dashes will be the first item displayed.
After a few seconds, the display changes to "-dOnE-".

Here is a link to all standard generic OBD-II DTC codes: OBD-II Check Engine Light Trouble Codes

Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Computer Error Codes
OBD-II Trouble Codes - DTC Codes Car Repair

Extended EVIC Menu Access
If you have the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) option on R/T's, you can activate its hidden "Extended Menu" mode by holding down both the steering wheel COMPASS and MUSIC NOTE buttons together for 6-8 seconds anytime the key is in the ON position (engine running/car moving or even engine off). Cycle through the series of various displays (such as a large-font digital speedometer) by using the up/down arrow switch on the left of the steering wheel.

EVIC and Radio Steering Wheel controls;
If a set up on the EVIC is showing an extended menu screen (ex: Digital Tach and Speed) and is left this way, the steering wheel buttons controlling the Radio will not work. Hit the home button to clear EVIC secondary menu settings and the Radio controls will work again.

It's not wise to start changing things unless you're confident that you know what you are doing.
To get back to the normal EVIC display operation, press the COMPASS (or Home) button once again.

Odometer Stick Pin Button
Pressing the stick pin button on the trip odometer for a moment will cycle the odometer display between Total miles, Trip A and Trip B. If you DON'T have the EVIC option, the display cycle will also include the outside temperature. If either of the Trip odometer's are currently displayed and this knob is held in for a second or two, that trip odometer will be reset to 0.0 mi.

make sure to add the others posted by dave over on the z ian
Happy Now? lol

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Inside right of trunk lid has a handle for pulling lid closed no finger prints on the lid and do not touch the spoiler.

well most of us have added mesh to this but
Passenger side fog housing has a whole for the heater block cable

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Rain sensing auto wipers are the 1st 6 clicks arent they, just differing sensitivitys? Then there are 2 clicks at the bottom for different speeds and these arent auto I dont think.

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Does the center console armrest really adjust back and forward? Never knew this......

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Never knew about the center console thing either. I'll have to check mine tomorrow - thought it was on a hinge though.
*rumored?* Fast Heated Seats
start the car, turn on the heated seat, shut off car, start car again and turn on heated seat
If I am remembering correctly, this is not something you want to do. I believe there was a service call on overheated seats because of this. I think it does work on older models, but believe the "bug" was fixed on newer models. It was a long time ago, but maybe I can find the info I read on this... just wanted to say that I would not recommend doing it.

Great idea Kwick. :fing02: I'll be sure to add some ideas to the list.

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actually i banged my console and it didnt move i wonder if its the VES ones or what ever one it is that has the DVD
perhaps use some WD-40 lol

i think it might be for only the VES since those do look like they would be able to shift back and forth but not the regular center consoles though :worried:

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I have a VES and I don't think it makes a difference. The VES is just an additional door on a hinge that opens forward. Don't see how the thing slides at all. Anyways, I'll check tomorrow.

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Not really an Easter egg, but I like the way you get an extra 'ding' from the system to remind you the parking brake is on. Then the brake light will flash if you still forget and put the transmission in gear.

And for those that hate having seats auto-adjust when you get out, mirrors tilt down when you put the car in reverse, doors auto-locking, rain-sensitive wipers, and honking horns when locking the door with the remote, remember that you can disable/adjust all these features from the menus on the EVIC. (whew, that was a long sentence)

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Hey guys,
I'm a newbie to the 300's,but not to Dodge,Chrysler,Plymouth line. Anyway,
Question: Looking at a 2008 300c that is an SRT Design.Why does it have the 5.7 & not the 6.1 engine. What is the difference between the SRT & the SRT Design models ?
Any help would be much appreciated ! I need to act on this deal fast.

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An SRT Design is simply a regular 5.7L 300C that has been tricked out to look like a SRT. It has SRT wheels, brakes, spoiler, etc. But it still has the 5.7L engine.
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