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I picked up one of these from NAPA for under $5.00. No more lemming like rotations at 5K. This simple accurate unit measures the tread depth (wear) across the entire tread for eveness and for comparison of each tire. If only checking pressure were this easy. My dad has 40K on his Town & Country and has never rotated and his tires measure even all the way around. I would rotate only for uneven wear.

I thought the Ody tires were due and they each measure just over 3mm so I can wait several thousand more miles before replacement perhaps into the Fall.

If you recall a thread a while back showing that the minimum 1.6mm is dangerous in wet conditions when compared to 3mm. The Euro test looked at exact cars with exact tires on a wet track. Stopping from 70mph in the wet, the car with 1.6mm tread was still going 50mph while the 3mm tire car was stopped!!!!


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