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Tire Pressure Erroneous Alert

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Anyone else getting the low tire pressure alert when it's not low? When starting the car after parking outside in freezing temps all day I had my rear right tire show 2 lbs lower than the remainder of the tires and the alert came on. Kept an eye on it and within a few miles the tires warmed up a few lbs and the tire caught up to the rest but the alert stayed on. When I made a stop and came back out and started the car again the tires were all reading the same pressure but the idiot light was still on and that tire's pressure was still flashing.

Maybe there's something I need to do to reset this?
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That's because tire pressure is supposed to be measured when cold. Just because you warm the tires up from driving doesn't mean you still shouldn't have the recommended pressure when cold. That's my theory anyway.


My situation is different. My alert doesn't come on until they get down the 25psi. I always thought it was supposed to "warn" me if it gets a few pounds lower than 32. Maybe it's a difference between '06 and '05???

(I was surprised to see them that low. If I knew they were even at 30psi I would have filled them let alone 25!!!)

Is there a setting in the EVIC to adjust the alert?
zenhog said:
Maybe you guys didn't have enough of the famous Norwegan trait "ignore it long enough and it goes away". This afternoon mine stopped giving the warning. Didn't have to add any air. I probably drove it 3 or 4 different times (short trips) before it gave up on me and stopped nagging about a non-issue.

ummmm, yeah....'cuz adding air would be the responsible/safe thing to do. ;)
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