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Tire recommendations for colder climate?

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Anyone have a recommendation for tires for me here in Wisconsin?

I drive my 2012 in all weather except snow/ice so something that would be good in both cold (down to maybe 5-10 F) and warm temps would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.
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General AS03. High performance all-season, seems to be at a sweet spot between good performance, good treadlife (warranty too), and price. Made by Continental.

I'm on set #3 on the SRT8, and just put set #1 on the SRT-4. Excellent in everything up to 9/10ths performance, and cold Canadian winter (without the snow).

On the SRT8, I run 255/45/20 all the way 'round. Rotate every 10k. Get an alignment done when you first get them fitted.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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