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TIREFIT Warning!!!!!

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TIREFIT, is the air pump/can of fix-a-flat unit that comes with the SRT-8 instead of a spare tire. The unit comes self contained, with a lighter adapter cord coiled up in the sied, an air hose coiled in the bottom, and the tire sealant hose coiled around the outside bottom of the unit.


The air hose is stored with the nozzle attached to an air inlet valve on the side of the can of fix-a-flat. Apparently, you hook the air hose to this nozzle and turn the pump on to force the fix a flat out of the can and into your flat tire. Unfortunately, the air hose is STORED ATTACHED TO THE FIX-A-FLAT NOZZLE!!!!!


If the air pump is "ON" when you plug the unit in, you will instantaneously spray fix-a-flat all over the place. (Ask me how I know :( )


Guess the price of the replacement canister of fix-a-flat?

$72 :eek:
Typical retail price for can of fix-a-flat: $4.50 - $7.99

OUCH! I'd never buy the replacement, except I want the car 100% as original - which includes an unused can of fix-a-flat.

For anyone else out there who may ever use the air pump - you've been warned.
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The reason the tire fit sealant is so expensive is that it is formulated so that it doesn't corrode the plastic on the tpms. all other fix a flat type sealants will corrode the plastic requiring you to replace that tpm. which is about $80. so it is about the same price to just get the fix a flat but more work in getting the tpm replaces
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