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TommyZ Kit installed >>>

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Here it is, I know the pics suck but I only had a phone to take the pics with. My installer is wrapping up a few issues today. You probably won't see any more pics until I get my wheels back from D'Vinci (warranty work)... Enjoy the bad resolution.

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The kit comes in primer you have to paint it. Actually you would need to fit it first so you can make any adjustments (if necessary). We cut holes in the back for my tailpipes (it was designed for center exhaust) and reinforced/tweaked the openings prior to painting. There were a few little adjustments that were made (typical of ANY body kit) to the front and rear pieces but the rockers were a PERFECT fit.

lennoxavesosa said:
damn james. i was never a fan of body kits on this car, but you definatly changed my mind after seeing tommy's kit. once you get the wheels back on and if you decide to color match the top roof to your wheels, you might just have the nicest 300C ive seen. keep up the good work and cant wait to see more (and better) pics, hopefully some of the interior as well!

-also does the kit come painted from tommy or do you have to do that yourself? prices would be nice too
This is Fiberglass but Tommy told me that he is looking into getting a urethane front mold and a fab shop to manufacture them.

apbrian112 said:
that looks awesome! but i'm guessing that it's made from FRP right? i wish somebody would make a urethane front. i could live with fiberglass sides and rear, just not the front.
The sides are actually rocker replacements and they fit perfect without any modifications. The front took a little filling where the sides meet the wheel well but nothing out of the ordinary. I have installed body kits on at least 5 cars and TommyZ's fittment was a above average. Hope this helps.

James DeCuir

slk320 said:
Aspen, how is the fitment of the front add-on kit and the sideskirts? are they a direct plug-and-play or do they require a lot of tweaking?

Should have them back mid next week, the housings turned out awesome and they are on thier way back to them for the final installation

Ahbizmal said:
Did you get the Halo lights done yet?
Only for the right price... No rush, and with the show season getting started I may just keep it for a while

teahead said:
Aren't you selling this car?
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