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Tomorrow is Navigation/Satellite radio day!

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A shipment of factory Navigation and Satellite radios came in last week so mine will be going in tomorrow. I origionally didn't care if I had either when I located the car but I decided that I rather see the screen there after a few days of driving and I missed not having a satellite radio.

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Good to here the parts are rolling in !
I ordered the sat radio when I got mine. The reciever and antenna are in stock waiting on the installation kit ! Last up date call I got from the parts dept was October 20th !
I had the dealer call sirus before I ordered the equiptment to confirm that I would still get the free yr. The parts and install was twice the price of the factory install so I was not going to pay for a years service too ! Gotta grind alittle sometimes and get it on a Due Bill :cool:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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