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Here are a few more tidbits of info to further pique your interest...

FREEBIES while they last:
1) I was just on the phone firming up some details with fatchance when he stopped mid-sentence with.. "WTF, a Charger just pulled up in front of my house". I asked who it was and he had no clue, then the guy starts pulling boxes out of the car and, sure enough it was one of the freebies to be given to each LX owner (while they last) promised to us by pwrfleet aka: Paul Whitehead with Foothill Ranch Chrysler Dodge! Here's what they are, 100 of them in various colors:
Paul, :You_Rock_
2) HEMEEE will have a travel-sized facial product, valued at $10.00 at the sign-in table for all the ladies, from Leaf & Rusher, one of my company's clients, and a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.The Leaf & Rusher Collection of products can be found at Saks Fifth Ave. and select Nordstrom stores :smirk: Thank you Dr. Leaf and MI, Inc.

Supercharged TEST DRIVES:
I already told you that GS Motorsports will be displaying 3 supercharged cars, 2 300 SRT8's and a 5.7L Magnum... well, Scott PM'd me last night to say that they will be offering test drives of those vehicles to a limited # of participants (at their discretion). So if you've been considering S/C'ing your ride, see it, drive it, then order same day for a discount per GSM... Scott, :You_Rock_

***Here is a list of the drawing giveaways donated by the vendors, in no particular order... and there may be more :wink1: :

-Shoreline Motoring: T-Shirt signed by Chip Foose and featuring a Chip Foose rendering - worthy of framing
-HB Bee: LXforums member, Ladies T-Shirt featuring a Dodge Charger

Gift Baskets:
-Mother's Polish: Car wash bucket overflowing with Mother's awesome detailing products
-HEMEEE: 300cforums member, Ladies beautiful painted tin container filled with bath products

Exterior/Interior Mods:
-22elite: Gift Cert $50
-pwrfleet/Paul Whitehead: 300cforums member, new Mopar Grille - Fleet sales, Foothill Ranch Chrysler Dodge

-Zoomers exhaust: Gift Certificate- 50% off one Zoomers exhaust system
-High Horse Performance: Gift Certs 1 each; $25 - $50 - $100
-Gibson Performance: Gibson Headers
-SoCal Motorsports: Gift Certs- 2 @ $50 and 5 @ $20

Ain't that SOMETHIN'??

Additional thank you's to:
Mother's Polish for the bags for goodies
Gibson Performance for the bottled water
Everyone - Participants, Vendors and Volunteers... for your support, enthusiasm and participation!!
To all of you, :You_Rock_
Note: All prize transactions are between the vendor and the prize winner

UPDATE: We're now up to 125 cars... that was my goal!!
Here are a few highlights of what is in store for the participants of this event...

Live Demo:
~ Inca Motorsports will do a live Volant CAI install demo with the opportunity for a participant to purchase/install a Volant on site...
Thank you to SoCal Magnum at lxforums for arranging this...

Specialty Cars:
~ We expect a 300 Limousine and a 300 convertible, courtesy of prwfleet of 300cforums, aka Paul Whitehead of Foothill Chrysler Dodge
~ We also will have the Chip Foose Magnum from Overhaulin' and a Crossfire, lowered with 19" HRE wheels on display courtesy of Shoreline Motoring
~ Finally, courtesy of GS Motorsports, we will have 2 Supercharged 300 SRT8's and a Supercharged 5.7L Magnum

Member Surprises:
~ At least 2 of our 300cforums members will debut radical mods... I won't say who, but starts with "R" and "F"

Drawing Giveaways:
~ fatchance and I agreed that we don't want to completely blow our cover here, but let me just say that we have about a dozen prizes to give away and the vendors that donated them have been incredibly generous... we even have a few for the ladies, courtesy of HB Bee and yours truly, HEMEEE

~ Several vendors will be offering a discount on any purchase made show day ONLY... don't be left out:
-- GS Motorsports
-- VIP Edition
-- Inca Motorsports

Breaking News!!
Huge event planned for 300's, Magnums and Chargers...

It's hard to believe the very first SoCal meet consisted of 4 cars! The second meet, last Feb., grew to 12 cars and was the first for me. It was so much fun seeing other 300's and meeting fellow members that I decided to get involved with the planning of the next one. That meet, with fatchance's help was the first to incorporate the Magnums from lxforums and we had a couple of Vipers as well; the numbers swelled to 44! We were thrilled, however, we had no organized activities and the only official organizing we added was to invite a few of our local supporting vendors.

In discussing the next event, we figured we'd grow to between 60-70 cars and we knew we wanted to be more "professional" in our approach, so fatchance and I, now an unofficial partnership, decided to really go the extra step and take on more of a true "car show" demeanor... each of us arranging for support, donations and participation from various sources, which I will not fully divulge until after the event as we have some surprises in store. We have far exceeded our own expectations, both in the numbers of participants as well as vendor support, and we're still stunned and amazed!

60-70 cars?? I guess we underestimated ourselves, and you! Our next SoCal Meet is Saturday, Oct. 15th, with 120+ cars committed, including many from three other forums! We even have members coming long distance from NorCal, Nevada and Arizona for whom fatchance arranged a local hotel discount. If any of you are just now hearing about this and wish to attend, please PM me or fatchance ASAP!

I know many of you bypass regional posts, but this event has snowballed to the point that ekool wanted me to share it with all of you, even if you cannot attend. We will post plenty of pics and some video and hopefully, this will inspire you to start similar events in your area and provide some ideas; here is an excerpt from my recent post providing some details and teasers:

The big day is almost here!!

Just a reminder, this is a family affair, so bring ‘em all.
Since this is going to be a BIG event, I wanted to put together a little something to help you plan and to build some anticipation...


-DRAWINGS: fatchance and I have put together some great items that we will be giving away to lucky winners. Drawing to be held at 2PM, immediately following the Group Photo... Must be present to win. I have also donated a gift basket for a lucky lady!

-GOODY BAGS: fatchance has put together Goody Bags for each participating vehicle... If you have not been added to the list, now is the time to PM me, or fatchance, so we have enough Goody Bags for everyone!

-VENDORS: We have arranged for Vendors to be present to answer questions about their products and many have donated items for the Goody Bags and drawings... Thanks to all of them for making these possible! Some of the Vendors will be offering short-term special pricing just for participants so be sure to look them up and let them know what you're interested in... We will also have a live Volant CAI install demo with the opportunity for participants to purchase/install a Volant on site.

-SPECIALTY VEHICLES: Besides some of the regulars that bring their spectacularly customized cars, we have arranged for a few surprises as well... and we hear we may even have a long-awaited “debut” and perhaps a surprise guest! We will have SRT versions of the 300 and Magnum, we'll have supercharged vehicles all in one area, and we'll have an area of Dodge Ram Pick-ups.

-GROUP PHOTO: fatchance arranged for roof access for several photographers who will be taking a group shot at 1:30PM, just prior to the drawing (finally, now you guys won’t have to hear me whine about this anymore)

-HOUSE OF BREWS: Great food and drink! Please be extra friendly and say thanks to these good folks for being so accommodating!


-Pre-Planning: Print out directions/map
Date: Saturday, October 15th
Time: 11:00 AM

Place: House of Brews
16903 Algonquin St
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-3812
(714) 377-3893

-Windshield Placard: Download as Word doc here -or- Download as pdf file here... and please complete it prior to the event

-Pack: CAMERA, chairs, sunscreen, tape or post-its for your windshield placard, and notebook/pencil for mod details you may wish to record, stuff for the kids to play with in case they get bored (no skateboards or bicycles please), and maybe tissues, so you don’t drool on all the beautiful cars you will be seeing

-Parking: It will be easiest if you come in through the side parking lot... we will be gathering behind House of Brews - once you get back there, we will have Member volunteers (Thanks Guys!!) guiding you to the correct parking area for your vehicle type.

As soon as you have parked please:
...Place your windshield placard on the passenger side, front windshield
...Proceed directly to the check-in table for: Goody Bag, Drawing Ticket and Name Tag

-Now What??: Have fun!!


-Please make sure the little people know not to touch the cars
-Please properly dispose of any garbage
-Please be considerate of the neighbors:
...NO speeding or burnouts as you enter or leave the area
...NO sound-offs... if you demo your stereo, please make it brief and a reasonable volume

I will update this post with a review and results, including pics and video, after the event, BUT at this time I want to take a moment to thank a few other people that have helped make this event planning not only successful, but a joy as well...

First and foremost, fatchance, whose never-ending energy and excitement are contagious! I can hardly wait to plan the next one with you John, I have some ideas, let's talk!
> JonW, TMagnum and Sweeper6
> All the guys that offered to arrive early to help with parking.
> And of course the vendors and donators, without whom we would not have goody bags, drawing prizes and special offers!
-- GS Motorsports
-- 22elite
-- Zoomers exhaust
-- Gibson Performance, Inc.
-- Paul Whitehead w/Foothill Ranch Chrysler Dodge
-- High Horse Performance
-- VIP edition
-- Mother's Polish
-- Shoreline Motoring
-- Inca Motorsports
-- SoCal Motorsports
-- HB Bee

Stay tuned for the end of the story, which hopefully is just the beginning!

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Somebody PLEASE

make a video and show all of those cars. I'll pay for it.

I REALLY wish I could be there.

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chasb said:
make a video and show all of those cars. I'll pay for it.
I REALLY wish I could be there.
Don't worry, video is planned as well!! We wish you could ALL be there, but we'll do our best to bring it to you...

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man i could only wish to go to this event. maybe one day there can be one set up like this for the east coast or something. well everyone who is going. enjoy. i am so jealous. :wave:

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Model 57, we understand... :sadwavey:

urbanchemist, wish you could make it too... I'm getting tired of your satin jade just "sitting in your driveway" :silly:

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obiwan, come anyway... this one is NOT to be missed, I'm writing another announcement update at this moment and you will soon see why it's not to be missed!slawkins, sorry... you'll just have to set something up in your area I guess... or better yet, take a vacation to the sunny left coast next time!

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7 more giveaways for the drawing tomorrow!

SoCal Motorsports just jumped aboard with:

2 $50 Gift Certificates
5 $20 Gift Certificates

Thanks for your generosity and support John, see ya tomorrow!

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There in spirit

Hi Hemeee, and all at the meet :wave:

I'll be at the next big meet, I promise. :newangel:

I hope all have a great time and wish all at he best experience. :fest30: :friday:

When you do have a great time, just try not to rub the noses of us poor sods that could not make it this time in it too much :aargh4:


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Hey 'zilla, we'll look forward to you joining us next time, but I can't make any promises about not rubbing it in this time!!

At least we've made it easier for you all to share the experience with us this time by asking everyone to post their pics and video in one single thread at each forum... last time was crazy-making with threads all over the place.

... and I think a great time is a no-brainer this go 'round :biggrin:

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So Cal Meet


That really sounds like a good fun event. I hate that I won't be able to make it. Please take a lot of pictures. And I would love to test drive one of the supercharged 300's. :biggrin: Kick it for me!

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