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Trailer Hitches?

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Hey, anyone know of a class III trailer hitch available for 300C?
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lennoxavesosa said:
john-funny you posted this, because i was just about to start a thread similar to your question.........
although i do not know what a "class III trailer hitch" is,
i know the 300C has the towing capacity for a decent sized boat/trailor, its the question of whether or not you want to ruin the looks of the beautifully designed rear end with a gaudy 'trailer hitch'.

im in the midst of purchasing my first speed boat, and im debating whether or not to get the hitch for my 300....? i can tow it with my land rover, but then again i hate taking long car rides in that tank, and not in the comfort of my C.
i wish they made a hitch that was removable, and when not in use unnoticable.
Do a search on "trailer hitch" ,lots of info. The Mopar hitch has a vertical receiver which is completely hidden :yup:
Thanks Goddard...just posted a new thread in FAQ/tech forum
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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