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Trailer Hitches?

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Hey, anyone know of a class III trailer hitch available for 300C?
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Tow, Tow, Tow your boat gently down the ........

OK some answers

Class III? Maybe

300c Factory stated limit of towing 2000lbs or with weight equalizing equipment 3800lb (trailer and load together)

Weight limits (source Motor Trend)
Class I 2,000 lbs MGTW*, 200 lbs MTW**
Class II 3,500 lbs MGTW, 350 lbs MTW
Class III 5,000 lbs MGTW, 500 lbs MTW
Class IV 10,000 lbs MGTW, 1,200 lbs MTW

*MGTW = maximum gross trailer weight
**MTW = maximum tongue weight

See this useful link which also shows individual state requirements

My opinion (usual legal disclaimer here) you can tow more weight than the factory recommended limits if the trailer is braked either electric with controller
- or hydraulic brakes, trailer is designed and loaded correctly, and 300c has Nivomats Note tongue weight and relative level heights of ball and trailer coupler are v. important. You do so at your own risk - understand that that inexperience with towing and loading trailers can cause many things to go wrong.

The tow package orderable on the Magnum LX platform has the load-levelling Nivomat shocks - yes the same type as on the rear of the SRT8. I would walk the Magnum forums looking for an almost new pair for sale, probably from a tow packaged Magnum that is being lowered, and a new set of springs installed, rather than paying the high new price- important dont forget to get the rear springs to go with the Nivomats they are a different rate to the stock 300c springs. See this link for towing with a trailer package

I designed and constructed my own trailer using:
Trailers : How to Design and Build (Basics) Volume 1. MM Smith
Trailers : How to Design and Build. Volume 2. Structure MM Smith
These two books also show why some trailers don't tow well, sway etc

Thinking of towing a boat see this.

A couple of earlier threads

Pics First the factory hidden type of hitch that accept a 2" ball - available from Wychoff, Leeparts Mopar etc
Second, a hidden type on a Magnum.




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Camera at the ready?

Pics of custom hitch!
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