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I have a 2006 dodge magnum SRT8 6.1L. I have the tranny out to replace a leaking front input shaft seal, or torque converter seal. When I pulled out the torque converter and seal, there was a bronze looking bushing in there behind the seal; the front pump bushing.

Stupid me when trying to get my front input shaft seal out, I started with a small, flat blade screwdriver before going and buying a $10 seal puller. Well I put a really good knick in the bushing with the screwdriver. So I went to pull the bushing out and it came out very easily.

I got a new front pump bushing. My question is should the new bushing go into the housing easily? When I put the new one in it was a pretty snug fit but I was able to push it into place by hand without using a lot of force. There was resistance but not a lot. The other was very loose. When I compared the two bushings diameters the new one was ever so slightly larger.

So is this okay? I'd hate to go through all of the trouble reinstalling the tranny only to have an issue.
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