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Hey fellas... I have a 2005 Chrysler 300c. I had then transmission fully serviced about 1000 miles ago. Car does have 130,000 miles but runs VERY strong.
I noticed lately that it seems as if it shifts a little sooner than it should. It doesn't slip. When I really get on it I feel it shifts fine... It just seems to do this at slower speeds.
Example... I take off from a stop light.. Normal exceleration..And it seems as though it shifts to early.
I drive around town usually in 4th.. Sometimes 3rd. Doesn't seem to do that at all in 3rd... Sometimes in 4th but often in Drive.
Doesn't seem like it slips or slides into gear.. Just a little sooner than I would think is normal.
Any known issues? I am thinking a Tranzformer might rid the problem?
Oh... Transmission fluid level is fine as well.. Using the Home Depot zip tie dipstick method.

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