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Transmission Slip

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Just been told by the 5 Star dealer that they are waiting for direction from Chrysler on my transmission slip/noise. (2000mi) It happens on a hill (to be sure), dry ground, from a dead stop. hard acceleration (no wheel spin) and I hear a moan/slipping/shutter vibration for about 2-3 seconds. My guess is that it's the torque converter headed south. They did the water tsb and no help. Service manager was with me on the ride and acknowledged the problem. Any thoughts? everything else works great. oh by the way its a hemi 2wd. 11/15/05 Update just got a call from the Service manager at the 5 star chrysler dealership said the new torque converter is on the way and some related parts, about a 2 day install. hope it all goes well.
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seattlemagnum said:
just got the car back from the dealership its works great so far i'll let you all know if i have a glitch, going on a 2000mi trip :) oh they put a new torque converter in, plus a dipstick groumet
ive had about 4 cars leak tranny fluid in the shop , and all of them needed a little cap on the tranny replaced... maybe its the grommet yours needed.

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