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Trottle body spacer?

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Anybody using one on thier C?
Pros & Cons please.
Who makes a good one (if any benefit)?
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It won't do squat....Companies have been selling them for years to people with too much money in their pocket.

It works just as good as this:
moddog said:
I might be wrong but with fuel injection how can it give you a better flue air mix. When the fuel is injected right at the intake of the heads . Now if you where replacing a carb with the throttle body injection system then you get a better air fuel mix. Thats the way I look at it I hope this helps in some small way. :)


It's like a cowl induction hood on an EFI equipped car....pointless.
Northern Rider said:
- and good mileage, as well . . . their blood is 80% acetone.
Cool...I must be worth about 5HP now after the 3 scotches I just had.
[Soprano's accent]Duh Chrottle is da ting dat you hit win yoos want duh kick in duh shorts if yuh knowhutImeen.[/Soprano's accent]
chasb said:
Vinny Pastore down there to give you a tune up.

HAHA! I can picture it just like National Lampoon's Vacation

Clark--"So how much is this gonna cost me?"

Podunk mechanic--"How much you got?" *taps 1" wrench against palm*
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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