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Hello all.

As many of you have had, I also had the PO455 and fuel odor which led to the replacement of the fuel pump and gasket on my 2011 300C. Since that time, all has been well but the PO455 has now returned (many months later) without any fuel odor.

When the tank is filled with gas, the PO455 goes away, MIL goes out and ECO (MDS) returns as does the remote start capability.

After about 1/8 to 1/4 of fuel usage from the tank, the PO455 returns with a noticeable difference in performance due to it disabling the MDS and probably some other things.

So, the question is this... assuming that the pump and gasket are ok now, is this the "capless" fill valve malfunctioning? Has anyone experienced this and resolved it? Is there a simple diagnostic procedure (i.e. duct tape over fuel fill or something like that)?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!
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