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TSB for the 55-58 vibration

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I was over at the edmunds forum and read this. I'll have to contact my dealer next week and see if they heard of it.

My car has a vibration in it between 52 to 58mph when driving on a level road. I was suppose to drop it off on Tuesday but the dealer called and said that there was a TSB that just came out. They have to replace three peaces of the exhaust system which they have to order.I hope that this will fix the problem I already had the tranns control Modula replaced
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Thanks for the heads up C-Man, rather than contact the clueless dealer I am going to call DC and find out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it's not a train. If this pans out, I'll be the first to say I told you so in the other thread, I don't agree that this vib is "normal".
badss said:
As of yet, there is no such TSB!
I assume you looked online, lets just hope the website has yet to be updated since apparently this news just broke.
I hope this is not a case of too good to be true, I was testing the vib and will be shocked if a simple exhaust fix will correct it, I have a feeling many of us will be getting a new tranny before 50K.
My tranny comments are just a SWAG, this vib just does not "feel" like exhaust, I can't put my finger on it. I do hope I am wrong and this TSB does exist and cures all, my vibe is getting worse, I now slightly feel it at 35mph
I guess a little hope is better than no hope at all.
This is all very interesting, I was thinking of getting the Borla but not for this reason. I don't think I will have the dealer check the stock system, I may just pony op the $10.00 and have my muffler guy check it.
BillyC said:
My 300C is 2 months old w/3300 miles. The "vibration" started a few days ago between 35 an 45 miles per hour and is continuing. I think it is the trans.
I took some test drives with dealer service and got them to agree that there is a problem... At first they claimed they could not "feel" anything but I drove it with the service manager and demonstrated the problem. Going in for trans check next week.
That's about the same time mine started, really makes me doubt the exhaust theory.
catchMEifUcan said:
Is it a vibration you can "feel" or can you just "hear" it?

I haven't experienced it yet (~10k miles)... <knocks on wood>
Both, also the rv mirror vibrates and blurs everything
The plot thickens further, I hope this fixes it, without a tsb most dealers (I doubt mine will) are going to do a $1K+ repair based on somerhing I pull off the internet. Assuming this works, how do you propose we get this done through reluctant dealers. I may remove my rear muffs and see if the vib goes away. This may be the solution, I have not accepted MDS as the source since we all have MDS and not everyone feels vibes, it makes some sense that some of us have faulty exhaust hangers/parts which would vibe, sure feels like the tranny to me but I have never felt an exhaust vibe..
Funny I don't feel mine in the steering at all, it's in the body of the car, seat and rear mirror.
BillyC said:
The dealer said they called Chrysler and Chrysler said to change the trans fluid and filter and they did. The dealer road tested and said it was now OK. Actually it had no affect on my problem. BTW I do not have the rear view mirror blurring, etc. - just shaky and noisy shifting.
I think you have a different problem, mine is as smooth as silk and shifts are supurb, I get wierd harmonics/vibes at 56mph and maybe very slight at 35mph.
arnoldw said:
Re: [jcsganga34]moddog [moddog] [jcsganga34] by moddog Mar 31, 2005 (10:31 pm)


I got my car back today so far there is no vibration that is a good thing.They had it all day and when the mechanic was done he did not like the way the pipes fit.So they sent it over to the local muffler shop to tweak the pipes. Hows that for a 5 star dealer.And for the TSB he said if it becomes one it will take awhile.If it comes back I will post again. I am going to try to post some pictures.

Seems you are one of the first with a stock exhaust to have an adjustment and resolution of the vibration (at least for now). Your post suggests this is not simply MDS 4cyl activity that we should accept in the name of fuel economy. With this info, I have an appt. Monday am for the dealer to check/adjust my exhaust. If that is not helpful, I am going to have a local shop adjust it while in the air since they will be giving me a quote installing the Borla. I plan to get the Borla not to solve the vibe, I want the vibe fixed first. The Borla is for the sound, and a few ponies.
Aha!, I have been saying all along it's the tranny, not the MDS mumbo jumbo or exhaust. When my wheels are done I'll have them check the tranny for water. Something is fishy, how can moisture seep into the trans fill tube area, DC engineering at it's best.
I am one jcs, somewhere in the last week or two I posted that I am now feeling the vibe at 35mph as well as 56, subtle but present, and no mirror vibration.
moddog said:
Last weak I had my exhaust changed for the second time but not for the same thing. First it was for the vibration 52 to 58 that did fix it, the second one was for fit it was not bent right. But now it is just fine with no vibrations and I'm happy.
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Curiouser and curiouser, I am having both the tranny and exhaust looked at.
I have two issues up before the service manager at the stealership where I got my 300C: 1) front tires feathering, and 2) 55-58 MPH vibration.

After several days of waiting for their alignment machine to be repaired, a re-alignment looks like it will finally happen tomorrow. What they will do about the tires doesn't sound good right now. Stay tuned.

So, as it turns out (of course) I am the first guy to bring up the vibration situation with my service manager guy. This morning when discussing the re-alignment he told me he had another guy just report the same vibration problem with one big difference: the car has a V6 engine, not the Hemi!

He will be looking into the other guy's vibration problem tomorrow and wants to hold off looking into my vibration problem until he figures out the other guys. He can figure out whatever he wants to figure out, but tomorrow he's getting a ride in a Hemi-powered vibrating machine, whether he wants to or not. I'm going to be there, and he is going for a ride!

So, it's not just the 300C's. I would imagine that all of the postulating on MDS, exhaust systems, and transmissions causing the vibration goes out the window because MDS only applies to the 300C, and the exhaust systems and transmissions on the V6's are all different too.

Tomorrow may well be an interesting day.
That V6 guy likely has a different vibe problem, DC engineers seem quite proficient at creating all kinds of vibes and thier product development people seem quite inept at finding them before delivering to the public.
Mine goes in in 3 days NR, I have printed several posts which the service guy asked me to do and bring in! In addition to wheels, he is going to look into the exhaust and tranny h2o. I am waiting to make a decision on the Borla, if it is the exhaust, I want it fixed before any possible exh. mods.
I can't speak for NR but most are now in agreement that there are two types of vibe going on, one associated with water in the tranny creating massive shakes, loss of power, shudder in the 3-4 shift or elsewhere. The other it appears is exhaust related and is an annoying vibe at 55-58mph only, in 5th gear (goes away in 4th), that is felt in the seat and body of the car and seen as a blur in the rv mirror in an otherwise perfectly shifting car. Passengers may not even be aware of this vibe, is feels like riding on some mild cobblestone pavement.
Scarbrs said:
Good i have the Mirror one not the trany one. I been thinking of an aftermark exhaust anyway so that should be the fix good.
Same here ?Borla, but I want the vibe fixed first and if there is an exhaust design flaw I don't wan't Borla nd my $$ to be the solution.
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