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TSB for the 55-58 vibration

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I was over at the edmunds forum and read this. I'll have to contact my dealer next week and see if they heard of it.

My car has a vibration in it between 52 to 58mph when driving on a level road. I was suppose to drop it off on Tuesday but the dealer called and said that there was a TSB that just came out. They have to replace three peaces of the exhaust system which they have to order.I hope that this will fix the problem I already had the tranns control Modula replaced
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II Kings- It is a possibility the entire exhaust itself is resonating at the frequency the chassis produces at those speeds. The "pieces" they are talking about adding to the exhaust may be weights or hangers with dampers on them to change the frequency that cause the exhaust to "sing". I know we're talking about Chrysler here, but I am holding optimism that all will be well with this well engineered transmission built by my friends in Kokomo Indiana.
A893594- LEMON LAW! Sounds like you are a lucky recipient of a car that for one reason or another just didn't go together the right way. I'm sorry to hear about your situation...If I were you, I would persue getting the car replaced by Chrysler. No matter how many times they fix it it can't reverse any damage that may heve been done.
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