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TSB for the 55-58 vibration

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I was over at the edmunds forum and read this. I'll have to contact my dealer next week and see if they heard of it.

My car has a vibration in it between 52 to 58mph when driving on a level road. I was suppose to drop it off on Tuesday but the dealer called and said that there was a TSB that just came out. They have to replace three peaces of the exhaust system which they have to order.I hope that this will fix the problem I already had the tranns control Modula replaced
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What makes you so sure it's the transmission?
Had my car at the dealer for oil change and other things today. Mentioned the vibration. The response ended up being that they could not find any tsb's. They called DC and the answer they recieved was that the vibe is a result of the MDS.

Now, this doesn't mean that the response is the correct one, probably some dummy just taking a guess.

The saga continues.
C-Man said:
I also tried to log onto Edmunds to ask for the TSB # and got an error also. I wil try again later.

Edmunds is useless for the TSB listings. They only have a handful of what's out there.
I know we have been kicking around the various reasons that we have had the vibration. I know that a lot of people think that it has something to do with the MDS. Well, it doesn't. Last week, I picked up my '05 Grand Cherokee which has the Hemi with the MDS. There is not even a vibration resemblance in the Jeep.

I know that we are leaning towards the exhaust being the problem. I just want to make everyone aware who still feel that MDS is the problem.
I think we already eliminated the MDS as the problem. As I posted previously, my Grand Cherokee with the Hemi does not have the vibration.
How does a non-vibrating MDS Hemi equipped Jeep, presumably with a completely different exhaust system and drivetrain, eliminate possible interaction of the MDS and exhaust, or anything else, in a 300C?

Anyway, I just talked the the service manager about squeezing in the
re-alignment this afternoon. He then told me that he got his hands on the V6 300. The female owner hit a curb and tore a chunk out of the wheel! I guess she didn't remember doing it.
So we're back to ALL other possibilities.
I did arrange to drop my car off this afternoon and get a loaner so the service manager can cruise around all he wants at 55 MPH to experience it for himself by himself.
Tomorrow will still be interesting.

Well, it seems to me that if you have the same engine with the MDS feature in a different vehicle and there is no vibration in that vehicle, the problem has nothing to do with the MDS going on/off. So, I will say again: The vibration has nothing to do with the MDS system. In addition, the MDS certainly does not only switch on/off at 55 mph.

In all of the various postings on this topic, the most likely candidate causing the problem is the exhaust system resonance. Unfortunately, we still can't get a definitive resolution from the dealers.
For some additional info relating to MDS, (may be from a Jeep website, but it is the same engine, remember), go to

Scroll down and you can see a graph indicating when the MDS goes into the 4 cyl format. As you can see, the mds goes back and forth quite often depending on the speed.

I hope this helps everyone understand the MDS function a little more.
Without understanding transmissions thoroughly, I'm not so sure that the problems are not one and the same. Some severe shudders may just be caused by having more water in the tranny. Look at the individual that had major shaking, as well as the 55 vibe. After having tranny replaced, there are no problems at all.

The tsb states that "the customer may experience tranny shudder when shifts occur. Most noticable with partial application of the torque converter clutch in 3rd or 4th gear." What does partial application of the torque converter mean? Does this occur in the 55-57 mph range? I really think that these questions have to be answered for all of our benefit.
Unfortunately, just printing out various posts from the internet will not cut it with most dealears. What we need from someone who had the exhaust updated is a document from DC indicating that this is an authorized procedure. Whether it be a tsb or some other official form, I'm afraid nothing less will be acceptable.

It's not that I doubt that this is the solution. It's just that we have all been going around and around and each time some of us have been making suggestions to the dealer as a means of correction, only for the solution failing to correct it.

Please, someone get something in writing for us to pass on.
Desiree, II Kings- That sounds great. I have an appointment with the dealer On Wednesday for my Grand Cherokee. I will show them the service info and assume that they will go ahead and order the parts for my "C".

Keep us posted, please.
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