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Turn signal relay?

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I have a 300c 06, and wonder where the turn signal relay is located, and is it same relay for the hazard?

I have changed my rear turn signal bulbs to led's (triton v3), now after some years when I flash to right or left the led just flashes odd, but if I turn the hazards on, they flash normally. The front ones are bulbs and flashes normally. Don't really think both the left and rear led broke down at the same time, therefor I'm asking.

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Try unplugging those LED bulbs and plugging them back in.
Also, if resistors were added when the LEDs' were installed, check for loose connections.
I do not have a tow bar, but I do recall reading on the forum that there is an internal ground switch that gets corroded and screws things up.
Is it not the same ground for hazard light and turn signal? I only have problem with my turn signals, the hazard works without any problem. But anyway where is this ground switch located, so I might ba able to check that?
Again, I do not have a tow bar and am only reporting what I read here on the forum, which indicated that the ground switch is located within the socket mounted on the hitch that the trailer connector plugs into such that the switch operates automatically. The problem is corrosion within the switch. Sorry but I don't recall the fix, but if I were having the problem I would give it a shot of WD40 and insert/remove the trailer's plug several times to get things cleaned up.

Give it a go!
No luck with the wd40, still same problem.
Oh well, on to Plan B.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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