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U-connect and performance

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Well, I have ordered a new cellular phone through my service provider and it is listed on Chrysler's website as compatible with the U-connect feature(the reason I decided to do this). I was wondering what comments you may have about the system operation and such. It appears that there is some set-up time required, of which I have plenty, and then it appears to offer very nice and completely hands-free ability while in the car.

Our Escalade had the GM On-Star system and for some reason it could never get the number 5 or 9 correct when I tried using the dial system. I would say 5 as clear as I could and it would give me a number other than 5, same with the 9. I don't really have an accent or such, raised in Colorado, but got pretty frustrated with that system over time(GM wouldn't fix it, they attempted to 'reset' the system once by going through the voice recognition, after that failed they just dropped attempts to help, which may be one of the reasons I own several DCX products....:D)

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I'm using the Motorola Razr & Cingular Wireless. Set up UConnect today. Piece of cake and works great. Wifey said it was clear but like on a speakerphone.
Well if we really want to air it out... Karma is something else. When I went to buy the Razr it was $199. I was laughing to myself at all these people who paid $400 for it. This past Sunday they were all over the ads for $99. Argghhhh!
One at a time based on priority. Should we start the pool on whose phone gets the priority? hahaha
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