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Hey guys my predator is up for sale, its the u7135 for 05-07 charger, 300C 5.7 and 6.1L

150BD (bahraini dinars) + shipping by DHL its around 10BD and will take around 5 days
so total of 160BD thats 130KD or 1600DHs
will only accept western union or cash (if meeting face to face)
included is the diablo U7135 (r17) + USB to serial cable.. if its a local sale (in Bahrain) i'll even throw in a power adapter for free and if the car is an 06 i'll even include a billet tech satin mirror control bezel and knob kit....

reason for selling is that my cal iD is not supported by diablo coz they cant find it, i really dont want to sell but nothing i can do will even get diablo to contact me back...

the tuner will work on almost all GCC spec cars, all the 300 guys got it to work so have many charger's as well i'm the only one that i know off who still has a problem (my car is a 2007 charger with road and track package)

anyways if your interested post here or contact me thru PM...
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