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uConnect Aftermarket & Nav

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I would like to add the uConnect kit to my 2006 300C to use with my Treo 650 which has bluetooth. If I do this, will caller ID info show on the Nav screen or on the info screen between the guages? Or, will I not have caller ID at all with the uConnect or ANY aftermarket add-on.

To me, I may as well buy a bluetooth headphone instead if I don't have caller ID available. Any thoughts?

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Aftermarket u-connect is limited

I too made the mistake of ordering the uconnect aftermarket. Although I was told at the time when I purchased the car that the aftermarket one would work the same. As it turns out, it does NOT connect to the NAV system. Therefore, all the uconnect functions of the NAV are disabled. I guess the lesson here is to spend the few hundred bucks up front!

Mikeyjohn said:
Only with bluetooth phones, any network that supports bluetooth.. The mic fits up on the overhead light console.
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