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uConnect Aftermarket & Nav

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I would like to add the uConnect kit to my 2006 300C to use with my Treo 650 which has bluetooth. If I do this, will caller ID info show on the Nav screen or on the info screen between the guages? Or, will I not have caller ID at all with the uConnect or ANY aftermarket add-on.

To me, I may as well buy a bluetooth headphone instead if I don't have caller ID available. Any thoughts?

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yatman said:
As it turns out, it does NOT connect to the NAV system. Therefore, all the uconnect functions of the NAV are disabled. I guess the lesson here is to spend the few hundred bucks up front!
Just a thought, Is there a way to connect the aftermarket U-Connect to the Nav unit, Perhaps splicing the wiring and making a connection of some sort.
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