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The factory UConnect or the Park Distance Sensor accessory package is now on a group purchase program. This program has some qualifying levels. So from now until March 10th, we will collect the orders for this group purchase, at that time we will know what level of discount we have acheaved.

Level Qualifiers
1 - 6 units - $269.95 shipped
7 - 14 units - $249.95 shipped
15- 999 units - $229.95 shipped

Place your order online at our web site, once you receive your confirmation order message, please hit the reply button and add "UConnect Group Buy or Park Sensor Group Buy" to the message body. We do not charge until the items ship from our store, so don't worry that our site will bill you at order. If you have any questions, please call. These rules MUST BE followwed for us to identify the group buy purchasers from our everyday web traffic. Failure to do so will result in the order being processed as a normal order.

Why Two Products:
These two particular items have the exact same cost from Chrysler, and they are available on the very same promotion from Chrysler. So both numbers will add to the total unit counts, and will receive the same pricing strategy.
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