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I have a 2017 Chrysler 300C Platinum edition (second owner) and my first post to this Forum.

When selecting the Vehicle User Guide icon from the in-car display the display attempts to load the User Guide, displaying a wait screen with a series of dots, but eventually displays a message indicating "No Vehicle Content Available".

When I first received the car, there was no Vehicle User Guide Option (icon) available within the in-car display and the UConnect 8.4 software Version was out of date.

I updated the UConnect Software version, over USB, to the latest available UConnect Software Version (UCONNECT_VP4R_US_NAV_CR16.11_LALDLX_MY17). After successfully updating the software version the Vehicle User Guide icon was available for selection - but using the feature results in the "No Content Available" message.

I tried to re-apply the UConnect software update, but when plugging in the USB drive, I get a message indicating "Software not Compatible with Vehicle".

I tried contacting UConnect Support, Chrysler FCA support and even had my local dealer investigate the issue. The consensus was the UConnect software needed to be re-registered, since I was the second owner. UConnect indicates everything appears correct on their end, since I am able to contact them using the in-car assistance features.

I suspect, the radio needs some sort of software update to have the Vehicle User Guide Data downloaded into the Radio's local memory.

Fortunately, this is not a critical feature for the vehicle, mostly a convenience function and my "anal" personality to get all the bells-and-whistles working on my new car.

Any ideas from anyone? I cannot seem to get connected to a "tech" savvy Chrysler support individual to resolve this issue.

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Hey did u ever find out how to fix this issue im having the same exact problem? Any input would be useful thanks. 馃憤
We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing this concern. If you would like any additional assistance, our team is always available via private message!

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