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I have a 2017 Chrysler 300C Platinum edition (second owner) and my first post to this Forum.

When selecting the Vehicle User Guide icon from the in-car display the display attempts to load the User Guide, displaying a wait screen with a series of dots, but eventually displays a message indicating "No Vehicle Content Available".

When I first received the car, there was no Vehicle User Guide Option (icon) available within the in-car display and the UConnect 8.4 software Version was out of date.

I updated the UConnect Software version, over USB, to the latest available UConnect Software Version (UCONNECT_VP4R_US_NAV_CR16.11_LALDLX_MY17). After successfully updating the software version the Vehicle User Guide icon was available for selection - but using the feature results in the "No Content Available" message.

I tried to re-apply the UConnect software update, but when plugging in the USB drive, I get a message indicating "Software not Compatible with Vehicle".

I tried contacting UConnect Support, Chrysler FCA support and even had my local dealer investigate the issue. The consensus was the UConnect software needed to be re-registered, since I was the second owner. UConnect indicates everything appears correct on their end, since I am able to contact them using the in-car assistance features.

I suspect, the radio needs some sort of software update to have the Vehicle User Guide Data downloaded into the Radio's local memory.

Fortunately, this is not a critical feature for the vehicle, mostly a convenience function and my "anal" personality to get all the bells-and-whistles working on my new car.

Any ideas from anyone? I cannot seem to get connected to a "tech" savvy Chrysler support individual to resolve this issue.
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