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UConnect - What Phones do Verizon Users Have?

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Hey Guys,

Are there any Verizon wireless subscribers out there using the bluetooth function on our 300? What phone do you use?

I talked to a guy at the Verizon booth and he said that his recommendation for choosing a phone would be to start with finding which ones are supported by our Bluetooth. Supposedly, Verizon in their infinite wisdom, decided to limit the connectibility of their phones to Bluetooth devices.

Anyone hear the same? Any experiences with this... guidance?

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I use the Motorola V710 Phone with UConnect and it works great. Its true there is no OBEX support on Verizon's bluetooth implementation, but the Uconnect doesn't support it anyway AFAIK.
If you upgrade your software on the V710 it shows you the battery, signal strength, Vmail, etc. !! Until i upgraded i also did not see those icons, but after the upgrade they worked. Go into any VZW Corporate store and tell them you want your software upgraded for this reason. THey will do it at no charge. Good luck!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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